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This online school teaches you how to become great at sales, persuasion and dealmaking.

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Money is not the same as money. Bad money is money that requires loads of time and effort. Smart money is money where you provide value by applying the 80/20 principle. It's like working smarter not harder, for financial independence

FAST TRACK - 80/20

You do not have the time to read tens of books and review hundreds of online courses. We have done this work for you and give you only what works. Period.


We filtered through the biggest secrets of people making money online - those things you usually cannot simply get in an online course.

"Stefan has created a great course that breaks down the sales process and human behaviour perfectly. After only finishing half of this course I've already achieved 150% of my overall target this month and I achieved 300% in a category that I had never sold before. Thank you for a great course Stefan."

- David Cochrane

From 17th January to 20th January I had sold five packages. Those are three working days. Last year, this time, I sold five packages in a two months. It's true that I am improving myself by the time, but I also think that this is an incredibly great result made after Stefan's lessons. Thank you so much for creating this course." Sonja S

- Sonja, Freelancer

"This is an excellent learning experience from a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor. In these challenging times when crisis is reducing budgets. I really do feel that my team and I are now better equipped to listen to clients and customers and address their needs, rather than just present our capabilities. Thank you. Worth more than the money."

- Benjamin Gavin

Do not work hard -make smart money instead

Smart money is better money. In this video, you get an insight to our philosophy and money-making approach. Learn how to not make silly money, but smart money. Make better money. Money that doesnt require you to grind 10 hours a day. Deal your own cards

"Great information and practical tips. LOVE Stefan's teaching style, energy and all the experience / strength that he shares. Great course for sales, impact, engagement, and confidence! 5 Star."

- Whit Henson